Women's Committee

The Women’s Committee of the Washington Performing Arts Society, organized in 1969, was formed to be a supporting organization of interested women to help promote and sustain the cultural, educational and enrichment programs and events of the Washington Performing Arts. It is one of the earliest formed volunteer organizations for women in the nation’s capital focusing on community service through the performing arts and promoting high quality mainstage performances. By design, it was comprised of women of varied ethnicities who would be dedicated advocates for Washington Performing Arts.

Founders Patrick Hayes, the noted impresario, and Barbara Mackenzie Gordon, local arts patron, were visionaries who gave the Washington Performing Arts Women’s Committee its early years of inspired leadership. From 1969 to 1971, Mrs. Gordon served as the organization’s first president. 

  • Concerts in Schools

  • Enriching Experiences for Seniors

  • Embassy Adoption Program

  • Feder String Music Competition

  • Friday Morning Music Club

  • Washington Performing Arts Annual Auction and Gala

Washington Performing Arts Women's Committee
Albertina Lane, President
Susan Rao, 1st Vice President
Beverly Bascomb, 2nd Vice President
Loretta Huggins, Recording Secretary
Alison Arnold, Assistant Recording Secretary
Annette Morchower, Corresponding Secretary
Lorraine Adams, Treasurer
Bette Wooden, Assistant Treasurer
Elaine Rose, Immediate Past President
Barbara Mackenzie Gordon+, Founding President
Patricia Bonds, Volunteer Liaison, Enriching Experiences for Seniors
Linda Fotis, Volunteer Liaison, Enriching Experiences for Seniors
Shebbie Rice, Volunteer Liaison, Enriching Experiences for Seniors
Paula Goldman, Volunteer Liaison, Embassy Adoption Program
Dina Lassow, Volunteer Liaison, Embassy Adoption Program
Brenda Parker, Volunteer Liaison, Embassy Adoption Program
Arleen Kessler, Volunteer Liaison, Feder String Competition
Fairlie Maginnes, Volunteer Liaison, Friday Morning Music Club
Gladys Watkins, Volunteer Liaison, Gala
Francesca Britton, Volunteer Liaison, Auction
Carolyn Wilson, Volunteer Liaison, Education and Advocacy
Glendonia McKinney, Handbook and Directory
Elaine Kolodny, Volunteer Liaison, Kennedy Center
Ruth Hodges, Volunteer Liaison, Kennedy Center Bird Room
Enid Johnson, Volunteer Liaison, Living Legacy; Historian
Cheryl Long, Volunteer Liaison, By-laws and Policy
Gladys Watkins, Volunteer Liaison, By-laws and Policy
Elaine Rose, Newsletter
Changamire, Communications
Charlotte Schlosberg, Meetings
Virginia Sloss, Meetings
Linda Goldman, Volunteer Liaison, Women's Committee Membership
Bunny Bialek, Volunteer Liaison, Washington Performing Arts Friends Program
Ernestine Arnold, Reservations
Charlotte Cameron, Special Events Coordinator
Hilda McIntosh, Special Events Coordinator
Gloria Thrasher, Special Events Coordinator
Gladys Watkins, Women's Committee/Women's Museum Task Force
+ deceased