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Plans for our 2020/21 Virtual Choral Season

Prompted by this time of coronavirus and the desire to be vigilant regarding the safety of our choir community, the Children of the Gospel Choir (COTG) and Men and Women of the Gospel Choir (MWOTG) will host virtual choral seasons for 2020/21.


Candidates who are accepted into the COTG choir program commit to participating in a year of vocal training, musicianship courses, team-building, and digital recording projects. The season is designed with the future of the choir and the individual growth of each choir member in mind—as a complement to (not a replacement for) traditional live, in-person engagement and performance.

The COTG virtual season will feature four major components:

  1. Weekly Masterclass-style Rehearsals
    Rehearsals include an online (virtual) gathering of all current, active COTG Members. Primary features of these meetings will include masterclass sessions, workshops on vocal technique and health, college prep workshops, and sessions with music professionals.
  2. Private Vocal Coaching
    Each member of COTG will receive online private vocal coachings from reputed vocal instructors throughout the Washington metro area. Vocal coaches will work with choir members via Zoom and other videoconferencing media to improve their vocal technique focusing on breath control, enhanced diction, and establishing healthy, consistent practice habits.
  3. Musicianship Classes
    All COTG members will participate in online musicianship classes, composition exercises, and other activities according to their level of proficiency with sight-singing and basic music theory. There will be three sessions: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
  4. Recording Projects
    Under the guidance of the artistic director, members of COTG will participate in exciting recording projects. At least two of these recordings will be virtual choir productions. Lastly, the 2020/21 season will culminate in a studio recording project.

The COTG virtual season will also feature our annual scholarship opportunities for our members:

  1. The Charlotte Schlosberg Vocal Scholarships
    The Charlotte Schlosberg Vocal Scholarship was created to support members of the Children of the Gospel Choir by providing selected participants with 12 individual vocal coaching sessions. The scholarship was created to honor the memory of Charlotte Schlosberg, a former member of the Washington Performing Arts Board and an avid supporter of the WPA Gospel Programs.
  2. “The Reggie” Award
    “The Reggie” award was created to honor former Washington Performing Arts Board Chair Reginald Van Lee, who has been an avid supporter of the Children of the Gospel Choir. It is awarded annually to a high school junior or senior member of the COTG who exhibits the qualities that Reggie has always exemplified: strong self-discipline; high goals and high achievements; unfailing good cheer and generosity; and an enthusiasm for the arts that’s accompanied by a commitment to a broader education.

We are looking forward to an awesome season of creativity and growth as we come back together stronger and more thoughtful singers! If you are interested in this opportunity, or would like additional information, please contact us at gospelchoirs@washingtonperformingarts.org.


The MWOTG virtual season will feature three major components:

  1. Musicianship Classes
    Men and Women of the Gospel members participate in online musicianship classes according to their level of proficiency with sight-singing and basic music theory. There will be two sessions: Beginner and Intermediate.
  2. Monthly Workshops
    The artistic director, choir faculty, and staff will organize monthly workshops with major choral composers and clinicians. Choir members will engage with compositions that represent of a variety of genres including gospel, hymns, anthems, etc.
  3. Recording Projects
    Under the guidance of the artistic director, members of MWOTG will participate in a recording project for our major collaboration with Choral Arts Society of Washington, Living the Dream…Singing the Dream.

Please note: At such point in the season as local health authorities and our venue partners judge it is safe for groups to gather, choir members may be welcomed to participate in and/or attend physically distanced rehearsals and performances, even as some digital engagement continues.