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The Capital Arts Partnership programs are collaborative long-term partnerships between Washington Performing Arts and DC Public Schools. Washington Performing Arts teaching artists work with DCPS music and classroom educators throughout the school year to introduce students jazz, string instruments, vocal music, and dance. The Capital Arts Partnership programs provide students with the opportunity to interact with professional musicians and dancers who, over a period of months, come into the classroom and engage students in playing their instruments, creative movement, learning about various genres of music, appreciating performances, and developing their skills in creativity and improvisation. Other skills that are emphasized include teamwork, discipline, focus, socialization, performance, self-awareness, listening and questioning. Washington Performing Arts provides performance opportunities, artist visits, and concert tickets to students and teachers throughout the school year.

The Capital Arts Partnership programs are specifically designed to meet the Common Core Arts Standards in multiple grade levels and to cultivate a student’s ability to carry out the artistic processes of:

Capital Arts Partnership program components provided by Washington Performing Arts include:

Individual programs of the Capital Arts Partnership are: Capital Jazz, Capital Strings, Capital Voices, and Capital Dance.

For more information, please contact the Education Team at education@washingtonperformingarts.org.