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Concerts in Schools
(PreK-12th grade)

Each year students in the D.C. metropolitan area are invited to journey through music, dance, theater, storytelling, and visual arts. Concerts In Schools (CIS) programs have a diverse roster of experienced Washington Performing Arts Teaching Artists/Ensembles. The Washington Performing Arts Teaching Artists present performances which integrate artistic disciplines with other curricular areas, creating educational and interactive experiences for students.

We are pleased to offer both In-Person and Virtual CIS options in the 2021/22 School Year.

Please note: all Washington Performing Arts Teaching Artists are fully vaccinated and will make best efforts to accommodate any COVID-19-related procedures required by your school. There will be an opportunity for you to share these requirements in the CIS request form.




Washington Performing Arts offers a limited number of FREE Concerts in Schools programs to schools that receive Title One funding on a first-come, first-served basis in Washington, D.C.; Montgomery or Prince George’s County in Maryland; or Arlington City, Alexandria City, Falls Church City or Fairfax County in Virginia. Schools that do not receive Title One funding or those that have available funds are eligible to apply for Concerts in Schools programming on a fee-for-service basis.

For more information and rates for a fee-for-service, please contact Washington Performing Arts’s Education Team.

What is the Concerts In Schools Program?

The Washington Performing Arts Teaching Artists conduct performances or workshops at participating schools. This model allows for students to learn through an assembly format; the program presents examples of the art form, engages students, and highlights curricular links.

What is a Virtual Concerts in Schools Program?

A Virtual CIS consists of two elements:

  1. A pre-recorded 15-30 min performance video from a Teaching Artist, shared through a private YouTube link. The performance is being offered as a pre-recorded video instead of a livestream to guarantee the best possible visual and audio quality.
  2. A live virtual engagement with the Teaching Artist, 15-20 min in length, to occur after the students watch the pre-recorded performance video. This time can be used for interactive activities based on the performance, a live Q&A session, an opportunity for the Teaching Artist to show props and instruments up close, or anything in between!

Step by Step—How to apply

  1. Review the Washington Performing Arts Teaching Artist Roster and make three (3) choices from roster. Please note that some programs will not have a pre-recorded video available, as program descriptions are for an in-person performance, and Teaching Artists may have adapted programs to optimize performances for the digital space.
  2. Go to the Washington Performing Arts Concerts In Schools application to make your request
  3. Washington Performing Arts contacts Teaching Artists and sends a confirmation to the school;
  4. In-Person CIS: Washington Performing Arts Teaching Artist contacts school to schedule the in-person performance at the school; Virtual CIS: Washington Performing Arts Teaching Artist contacts school to schedule the live virtual engagement that will occur after students watch the pre-recorded performance video;
  5. Washington Performing Arts will send an agreement form to the school contact to be signed.

Important: In-person performances and live virtual engagement sessions cannot take place if agreement form is not signed in advance.

Cancellation Policy

Except in the event of inclement weather if a performance/demonstration is cancelled by a venue (school/center) without consent by Washington Performing Arts within 48 hours of the scheduled performance time and Artist either arrives at the school or tries to login to the live virtual session without knowledge of the cancellation, we will invoice the venue (school/center) the amount of the Teaching Artist payment. Cancellations should be rescheduled as soon as possible. Please notify the Education Department with any rescheduled dates.

For more information, please contact Washington Performing Arts’s Education Team.


The Concerts In Schools program was founded in 1966 by the Women’s Committee of Washington Performing Arts. Support for the Concerts In Schools program is provided by the Greene-Milstein Family Foundation.