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On Subscriptions & Single Ticket Sales

Q: When are subscriptions available?
A: Subscriptions are on sale now! Visit our Tickets & Subscriptions page for info on discounts, advance-seating priority, and more.

Q: When are single tickets available?
A: Single tickets are now on sale. Visit our Tickets & Subscriptions page for info on ticket sales via Washington Performing Arts and our venue partners.

Q: What are your handling fees?
A: Our fees are $10/order on subscriptions; 15% of the order total on single ticket orders. Friends of Washington Performing Arts pay no handling fees. For more info, visit our Tickets & Subscriptions page.

Q: How can I buy subscriptions and single tickets?
A: Subscriptions are available solely via Washington Performing Arts. For most events, single tickets are available via both Washington Performing Arts and our partner venues’ ticket offices. Please see our Tickets & Subscriptions page for more information and a list of ticket-sales exceptions.


On Returning to In-Person Performances & COVID Safety

Q: Are all 2021/22 Season performances “live” and in-person?
A: Yes! We are returning to venues throughout the Greater D.C. region this season. See our Season schedule for complete listings.

Q: Will COVID safety measures be in place?
A: Yes. Our staff will be 100% vaccinated, and we will adhere to the COVID safety policies of our respective partner venues on the night/day of our performances. Most venues require vaccination (or a recent negative COVID test in some cases). All require the wearing of masks indoors. See our COVID Safety Policy for more info.

Q: Will your events employ socially/physically distanced seating?
A: All events have been planned to allow for full capacity seating, with one exception: the June 11 performance at Center for Performing Arts at Prince George’s Community College is currently capped at 75% capacity, per the college’s policy.

Q: Why are there fewer events in the season than usual?
A: The natural rhythms of our business require us to book both artists and venues far in advance of a given performance date. Given the state of the pandemic earlier this year and feedback from patrons, we cautiously scheduled just three in-person events for the remainder of 2021, followed by a “normal” quantity and pacing of events in the 2022 portion of the upcoming Season.

Q: Where are the Orchestra Series and Hayes Series?
A: They are on hiatus this season, due to scheduling complications—and, in the case of orchestras, touring complications—stemming from the state of the pandemic earlier this year. (Please see previous item for more on pandemic scheduling challenges.) We are pleased nevertheless to present the Sphinx Symphony Orchestra and two “Hayes Piano Artists”: Tiffany Poon and Martin James Bartlett.

Q: Will there be a streaming option for 2021/22 Season performances?
A: No, all Season events have been designed as live, in-person experiences only. However, we will continue to create and offer free virtual content that complements our live performances, alongside content for Mars Arts D.C. and our education programs, via our Home Delivery online platform.