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Please note: This FAQ is a work-in-progress, as we prepare to launch Home Delivery Plus. We’ll continue to add topics as we receive input from our patrons. So if you don’t see your question answered below, please contact us at PatronServices@WashingtonPerformingArts.org. We’ll get back to you!

Last Update: January 13, 2021


Q: Is this basically “online performances”? Why are you calling them “packages”?
A: Each event or “package” is much more than just a performance. See our “How It Works” page and scroll down to “Unwrapping the Package: The Components of Home Delivery Plus.” Also see our President & CEO’s “Welcome” letter for more background on the series.

Q: How do I watch Home Delivery Plus?
A: See our “How It Works” page and scroll down to “How to Watch.”

Q: Are these events live or pre-recorded?
A: All events are to be pre-recorded and professionally edited to ensure the highest possible audio/video quality. Most performances are being recorded exclusively for Washington Performing Arts. The premiere stream of each event (always a Friday at 8:00PM) will be a “live” and interactive experience: patrons can chat with each other and with special guests in “The Lobby.” For more, see our “How It Works” page and scroll down to “Unwrapping the Package: The Components of Home Delivery Plus.”

Q: Do I have to watch an event all at one time? Can I watch an event more than once?
A: You can watch all or part of an event as many times as you like during its weeklong streaming period (starting on a Friday at 8:00PM, ending the following Thursday at midnight). For more details, see our “How It Works” page and scroll down to “How to Watch.”

Q: Is it okay if people in my household watch Home Delivery Plus with me?
A: Yes! We encourage you to share the events with everyone in your household. But in the interest of supporting the series and WPA, we ask you to consider subscribing or purchasing single events for the number of people who will watch the events with you. Or show your support by becoming a Friend of Washington Performing Arts.

Q: Once I’ve purchased a subscription or single event admission, may I send an access link to friends outside my household?
A: Sorry, although we encourage households to gather and watch the events together, a single purchase may not be shared with outside parties. Access to the system is provided via secure account login, not shareable URLs.


Q: What does it cost?
A: See our “Subscriptions & Single Admissions” page for subscription plans and prices. Individual event prices vary—see each event page for current pricing.

Q: Are there gift subscriptions or gift certificates?
A: Yes! See our “Subscriptions & Single Admissions” page for details.

Q: Can I get any discounts?
A: Our Full Subscriptions and Pick 6 Subscriptions both offer discounts off the equivalent number of single events. In addition, you can have subscription and single-event handling fees waived by becoming a Friend of Washington Performing Arts ($75 annual gift or more).

Q: Are there student discounts?
A: Student discount information will be posted in the coming days. Please watch this space—or email PatronServices@WashingtonPerformingArts.org to receive an update.

Q: Are there group discounts?
A: We offer a 15% group discount on purchases of 10 or more full-priced Home Delivery Plus subscriptions or 10 or more admissions to the same full-priced single event. Group discount rates do not apply to any single events or subscriptions that have already been discounted (i.e., no compounded discounts). For more information, please contact us at PatronServices@WashingtonPerformingArts.org.

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