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Welcome to Home Delivery Plus!

We at Washington Performing Arts are excited to bring you this series of all-new, all-online performance “packages,” streamed straight to your home or wherever you prefer to connect. While the pandemic has required us to shift the format of our presentations, it has affirmed our commitment to champion the arts as a unifying force—bringing together dynamic artists and you.

“Why ‘packages’ and not just ‘performances’?” you may wonder. These packages begin with custom-curated performances featuring phenomenal artists, and we keep going. In moving our programming online, in keeping with the current physical-distancing necessities, we wanted to go beyond a mere substitute for in-person performance to design experiences that take full advantage of the virtual space. In Home Delivery Plus, you’ll discover benefits that surpass what you might enjoy even in “the best seat in the house” of a traditional live performance, including:

  • multiple camera angles and uniformly exceptional audio quality (you, our supporters, demanded this—and we listened!)
  • the chance to “go backstage” with headline artists before the show (“The Green Room”)
  • a suite of advance viewing, learning, and reading resources to inform and enthuse you (“Soundcheck”)
  • a sampling of complementary artistry, focusing on DC- based performers (“Opening Act”)
  • engaging artist dialogues and panel discussions, sometimes recorded in different settings than the headline performances (“Linger Longer”)
  • the opportunity to watch performances again—and again!—over a full week.

What is not different about Home Delivery Plus, compared to a traditional Washington Performing Arts season, is the quality of the artistry itself. In the programs in this series, you’ll find a breadth of cultures and genres, plus innovation, inspiration, and, very often, virtuosity at its outer limits. Each package—and often each Headline Artist program—has been custom-curated for Washington Performing Arts and this format.

While live performance will always be the Washington Performing Arts gold standard, we have designed Home Delivery Plus not just for this time of pandemic, but for the future. We plan to weave the benefits of this model into our seasonal offerings when, one day, we return to stages around the region.

And now a word about the economics of online programming: how we “Make It Happen,” and how you can help. To position ourselves not just to survive, but to thrive, we very much need your support today. Two key facts of sustaining our organization in these challenging times are: (1) when we cannot present traditional performances, we lose a great deal of revenue from ticket sales, and (2) bringing you this online series is still a costly proposition. We must invest in artist fees, venue/location rental, high-quality audio and video capture, post-production editing, and expert production management. Our Home Delivery Plus subscription and single-admission fees will cover only a fraction of our costs. Your support will make up the difference. So, as you review the series and make your subscription plans, I sincerely encourage you to double down on your support by becoming a Friend of Washington Performing Arts—or by increasing your current annual gift. Please consider a donation that approximates what you might normally spend in a given season on Washington Performing Arts performances.

Your support also enables us to continue fulfilling our mission through several crucial signature programs that we have brought online, including: our arts education partnership with D.C. Public Schools, our gospel choirs program, Mars Arts D.C. programs, and enhanced family programming.

One last thought: as you contemplate Home Delivery Plus, please consider subscribing for the number of viewers in your household—or purchasing gift subscriptions so friends and family can watch remotely. All of these actions on your part will make an enormous difference right now, when we most need your support, and as we continue to plan for the future.

On behalf of the Washington Performing Arts team, thank you very much for all of your ongoing support, and once again, welcome to Home Delivery Plus!

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Jenny Bilfield
President & CEO

Jenny Bilfield

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