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Two-time Grammy-winning composer Christopher Tin is a master of the concert stage, silver screen, and gaming world, whose works have been featured in the soundtrack to the blockbuster film Crazy Rich Asians and in the game Civilization IV, played by millions worldwide. 

In this webcast, Tin joins forces with the U.S. Air Force Band and soprano Danielle de Niese in a composite world-premiere performance of “Courage,” a movement dedicated to Amelia Earhart from Tin’s full-length oratorio To Shiver the Sky, dedicated to humankind’s historic dreams of flight, from the skies to the stars.

The separate components of the performance were recorded in multiple locations both before and during COVID-19 lockdown, including Washington, D.C., London’s Abbey Road Studios, and Tin’s Los Angeles studio. In this webcast, the parts come together in a seamless whole, augmented with imagery of flight. 

The program also includes pre-recorded interviews with Tin and with major figures in aviation—including Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, Launch Director (NASA) at John F. Kennedy Space Center, and Dr. Michelle Thaller, Astrophysicist and Astronomer (NASA), Goddard Space Flight Center. The event concludes with a live interview between Tin and Washington Performing Arts President & CEO Jenny Bilfield, reflecting on the themes of To Shiver the Sky and the reimagining of this event from a traditional concert to a novel online experience.

Watch: Video interview of Christopher Tin and Jenny Bilfield, hosted by Chinese American Museum DC

Co-presented with the United States Air Force Band

Washington Performing Arts’s participation in this program is made possible through the generous support of Lyn and Barry Chasen, the Dallas Morse Coors Foundation for the Performing Arts, Encompass Supply/Rudy Burwell and Mona Mohib, Washington Gas, and Daimler.

Special thanks: Embassy of the Republic of Singapore

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