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A Heartfelt Thank You to our Champions

Washington Performing Arts is particularly grateful to the strong community of more than 900 donors (listed below) who generously supported our Champion Fund between March and August 2020, making gifts that propelled us toward the future during an incredibly critical and challenging time in the early days and months of the pandemic.

Your new, reallocated, or additional gift, your sustained support for our Virtual Gala, your Friends renewal, or your ticket refund donation—every dollar made a difference in helping us continue to realize our mission and achieve our goals as we worked to close our fiscal year on August 31. All in all, these gifts that we counted toward the Champion Fund raised more than $2.5 million for Washington Performing Arts.

Looking forward, we are determined to continue elevating great art and arts education as well as supporting the artists in our community, now in new dynamic ways on our digital platform. Thank you for partnering with us to shape a sustainable future and continue to provide access and opportunities for everybody in our community—and beyond—to experience, participate in, and express themselves through the performing arts.


Washington Performing Arts seeks general and programmatic support across our full spectrum of activities that make an impact in our community. Visit our Support page to see all the different ways that you can help.


Champion Profile:
Lenka Kneschke

Lenka Kneschke

“I have enjoyed attending WPA performances since I moved to the Washington, D.C. area five years ago. In addition to great performances, I appreciate WPA’s long-standing commitment to engaging diverse communities in the arts. What really impressed me recently was WPA’s proactive response to the pandemic. WPA showed creative leadership in being one of the first in the industry to introduce an array of streaming home experiences. I am pleased to support an organization that jumps head-first into opportunity and is committed to continuing to bring communities together through the arts during these difficult times.”

Lenka Kneschke
Champion Fund ticket donor and
Washington Performing Arts first-time Friend (joined July 2020)



The list of supporters below includes individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies that made new, renewed, sustained, or additional gifts in support of Washington Performing Arts between March and August 2020. Additional gifts made by these donors earlier in the fiscal year—outside of the Champion Fund—are not represented below.


Board of Directors

 Washington Performing Arts is grateful for the extraordinary leadership and partnership of our entire Board of Directors during this critical period. Together with their families, our Board of Directors led the Champion Fund charge with invaluable support, both financial and intangible, in empowering Washington Performing Arts to survive and thrive.

Board member names appear in bold below.


Her Excellency Shaikha Aisha AlKhalifa, Spouse of the Ambassador, Embassy of Bahrain

Mr. Jeffrey Bauman and Ms. Linda Fienberg

Rudy Burwell and Mona Mohib

Charlotte Cameron and John Marshall

Trista L. P. Colbert and Theodore Colbert

Mr. Brian Coulter and Mrs. Jennifer Coulter

Betsy and Robert Feinberg

Mr. Brad Figel and Mrs. Joyce Figel

Mr. Burton J. Fishman and Mrs. Anne Fishman

Mr. Morton Funger and Mrs. Norma Lee Funger

Tom Gallagher

Ms. Felecia Love Greer

Mike and Luanne Gutermuth

Mr. Jay M. Hammer and Mrs. Robin Hammer

Mr. Daniel Heider

Ms. Susan B. Hepner

Grace P. Hobelman

Frank Islam and Debbie Driesman

Dr. J. Stephen Jones and Mrs. Kathryn Jones

Ms. Janice J. Kim and Mr. Anthony L. Otten

Thomas J. Kim and John F. Olson

Edward and Arleen Kessler

Ms. Kelly King Dibble

Rob Liberatore and Debra Kraft Liberatore

Ms. Leslie Luxemburg

Mr. David Marventano and Mrs. Jessica Marventano

Dr. Gary Mather and Ms. Christina Co Mather

Mr. Camden Miller

W. Stephen Piper and Diane E. Piper

Dr. Irene Roth and Dr. Vicken Poochikian

Mr. James J. Sandman and Ms. Elizabeth D. Mullin

Dr. Marc Schlosberg and Dr. Doreen Moreira

Ami Scott and Lucius Outlaw III

Peter Shields and Ace Werner

Mr. Naboth van den Broek and Ms. Lisa Pearlman

Mr. Reginald Van Lee

Mary Jo Veverka

Philip R. West and Barbara Yellen


$25,000 and above


Altria Group

Ms. Susan Angell

Dallas Morse Coors Foundation for the Performing Arts

DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

Fluor Corporation

Galena-Yorktown Foundation

Mrs. Jacqueline Badger Mars, and Mars, Incorporated

National Capital Arts and Cultural Affairs Program/US Commission of Fine Arts

National Endowment for the Arts

Park Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Bruce Rosenblum and Ms. Lori Laitman

Mrs. Jeanne Weaver Ruesch

Veverka Family Foundation


$10,000 – $24,999


Dan Cameron Family Foundation, Inc.

Lyn and Barry Chasen

Kathryn and Kenneth Chenault

FedEx Corporation

Glenmede Trust Company

Mary and Chris Mahle

Doris Matsui and Roger Sant

Scott Miller and Sharon Virts

The Hon. Mary V. Mochary and Dr. Philip E. Wine

Northern Trust

Ourisman Automotive of VA/Mr. Daniel L. Korengold and Ms. Martha Dippell

Pepco, An Exelon Company

Prince Charitable Trusts

Gordon and Lisa Rush

Arne and Ruth Sorenson

Stillwater LLC / Ms. Janice J. Kim and Mr. Anthony L. Otten

Mr. and Mrs. John V. Thomas

Washington Gas



$5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (2)

Dr. and Mrs. Clement C. Alpert

Ambassador and Mrs. Tom H. Anderson, Jr.



Encompass Supply

Mr. Michael Frankhuizen

Mrs. Paula Seigle Goldman

Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Graage

Mr. Stephen Graham

Kanter Kallman Foundation

Latino Economic Development Center/District of Columbia Small Business Recovery Microgrant

Ms. Judith A. Lee

Mr. and Mrs. David O. Maxwell

John and Joan McAvoy


Arnold and Diane Polinger

Mr. Trevor Potter and Mr. Dana Westring

Reed Smith

Lena Ingegerd Scott and Lennart Lundh

Ms. Pamela Sutherland

Brian and Margie Tommer

Venable Foundation


$2,500 – $4,999

Anonymous (5)

Claus and Eva-Maria Aagaard

Sunny Jung and William Alsup

Ms. Barbara Anderson

George and Barbara Beach

Ms. Jenny Bilfield and Dr. Joel Phillip Friedman

Morgan Delaney and Osborne Mackie

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dungan

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Epstein

James A. Feldman and Natalie Wexler

Ms. Michelle Floh

Patricia Roberts and Bill Foster

Dr. Justin and Mrs. Heather Frank

GRF CPAs & Advisors

Lucia and Fred Hill

Victor and Diane Hoskins

Jane and W. Merritt Jones

Helen and David Kenney

Ms. Betsy Scott Kleeblatt

Mr. Gary Knell and Ms. Kim Larson

Jane Mary Kwass

Judie and Harry M. Linowes

Alexander and Thais Mark

Mr. Benjamin Martin

Rosemarie Rinn and Dennis McKearin

Ms. Andrea Messina

Ms. Jean Perin

Adam Clayton Powell III and Irene M. Solet

Elizabeth Racheva and Danail Rachev

Hunter and Elizabeth Rawlings

Mrs. Lynn Rhomberg

Ms. Patricia Richards

David and Barbara Roux

Sanders Foundation

Daniel and Sybil Silver

John Staelin and Elizabeth Locke

Mr. and Mrs. Stefan F. Tucker

Maria Voultsides and Tom Chisnell

Kyle Winkfield and Ashley Adams

Louisa Woodville and Nigel Ogilvie


$1,000 – $2,499

Anonymous (2)

Mary Abel Smith

The Rona and Jeffrey Abramson Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Adams

Mr. John B. Adams

Ms. Anita Antenucci

Ms. Ernestine Arnold

Ann Backer

Russel and Ann Bantham

Lisa and James Baugh

Patricia Bauman and the Hon. John Landrum Bryant

Ms. Katherine MB Berger

Matt and Melanie Blunt

The Honorable Charles N. Brower

Ms. Betty Bullock and Mr. John Silton

Dr. and Mrs. Abe Cherrick

Ms. Samantha Ching

Peter and Elinor Crane

Mr. Paul D. Cronin

J. Bradley and Bailey Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dyer

Mr. John Edelmann

Mr. C. Lorenzo Evans, III

Mr. and Mrs. James Everett

Mr. Adam Farra

Kenneth R. Feinberg and Diane Feinberg

Dr. Jacqui Francis

Mrs. Rhona Wolfe Friedman and Mr. Don Friedman

Ms. Jannes Waples Gibson

Linda and Bill Goldman 

Cab and Susan Grayson

Mr. Corey Griffin

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Harris

Ms. Gertraud Hechl

Ms. Joanne E. Hill

Ms. Audrey Hipkins

Mrs. Madeleine Jacobs

Jake Jones and Veronica Nyhan-Jones

Lois Jones

E. Scott Kasprowicz and Elizabeth Thorsey

Ms. Ashley Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kilcarr

Ms. Francesca Kim

Mr. and Mrs. John Koskinen

Ineke and Peter Kreeger, in memory of Carmen and David Kreeger

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene I. Lambert

Ms. Sandy Lerner

The Reginald F. Lewis Foundation, Inc.

André O. Lewis

Ms. Grace Yinhsiu Lin

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lindsay

Mr. Patrick Linehan

The Martin Family Charitable Foundation

Dr. Joseph May and Mr. Brian Pesin

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Special Presenter Initiatives program, with support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

Mrs. Jean Moore

Ms. Leanne Myers

The Nora Roberts Foundation

Dr. Marian Osterweis

Ms. Liz Oyer

Mrs. Robert Ramsay

Lynn Rhinehart

Tom and Kelicia Rice

Shebbie R. and William S. Rice, III

Mr. James E. Rich

Denise A. Rollins

Ms. Deborah F. Rutter

S. Kann Sons Company Foundation, Inc.

Ambassador A. Sarukhan and Mrs. V. Valencia Sarukhan

Dr. Deborah Sewell

Alison and John Shulman

Mr. Jonathan Sidhu and Ms. Malathi Nayak

Dr. Margaret Simms and Dr. Charles Betsey

Mr. J. Knox Singleton and Dr. Tracy Fitzsimmons

Ms. Tammy Staal

Michael and Nadia Stanfield

Mike and Margrete Stevens

Howard and Janice Stoodley

George and Rab Thompson

Mrs. Holli P. Thompson and Mr. Rick Leach

Mrs. Annie Totah

Mr. Sanford and Dr. Beth Ungar

Van and Eddi Van Auken

Ms. Viviane M. Warren

Drs. Anthony E. and Gladys M. Watkins

Edward Wheeler and Kelly Baxter

Dr. Adelaide and Mr. A. Duncan Whitaker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Winter

Mr. James Yap


$500 – $999

Anonymous (2)

Sanford and Miriam Ain

Ms. Shobana Albrecht

Ms. Rebecca Allen

Mr. Daniel Arnaud

Mr. Stanley Asrael

Jill Barr, in honor of Joan Hersey

Brooke and Ben Bartolome

Dr. and Mrs. E. DeVaughn Belton

Ms. Francesca Britton

Mr. and Mrs. Hans Bruland

Dr. and Mrs. Boyd L. Burris

Ms. Aja Claire Byrd Lumumba

John Chester

Drs. Judith and Thomas Chused

Dr. Mark Cinnamon and Ms. Doreen Kelly

Mr. Steven Coe

Mr. Alan L. Cohen

Mr. John W. Cook

Ms. Sandra Cummins-Haid

Mr. Steven Damato

Mr. Andrew Dibble

Embassy of Monaco

Mr. John Driscoll

Dr. Mary Ann P. Dubner

Dr. Carol Ann Dyer

Drs. Elliot and Lily Gardner Feldman

Ms. Nancy McElroy Folger

Ms. Catherine French

Dr. Matthew Gillman

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ms. Jessica Gladstone

Ellen and Michael Gold

Dr. Robert J. Gottschall and Ms. Yukiko Tani

Ms. June Hajjar

Maria J. Hankerson, PhD

James McConnell Harkless, Esq.

Ms. Eileen Hartin

Mrs. Ruth Hodges

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Howard

Mr. R.C. Howes

Gbenga Ige

Glen M. Johnson

Carol G Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kaplan

Ms. Heather Kaye

Ms. Jae Kim

Susan Kneller and Donogh McDonald

Mr. William Korengold

Simeon M. Kriesberg and Martha L. Kahn

Steven and Susanne Lamb

Ms. Albertina D. Lane

Dina Lassow

Eleanor M. Leak

Joan S. Leonard

Dr. Jeffrey Levi

Ms. Carroll Long

Hon. Cheryl M. Long

Mr. Kendall Lott

Mr. James Lytle

Daniel and Maeva Marcus

Mr. and Mrs. Rufus W. McKinney

Ms. Cheryl C. McQueen

Mr. John Merrifield

Hilary B. Miller and Dr. Katherine N. Bent

Mr. and Mrs. Adrian L. Morchower

Cynthia Mordaunt-Rosborough

Mrs. Paulette Nehama

Mr. Don Norman

Ms. Lynn Parseghian

Richard Price and Yung Chang

Mr. Mark Radke and Ms. Helen Chaikovsky

Henry & Anne Reich Family Foundation

Elaine Rose

Ms. Monica Manthey Schmude

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schultz, in memory of Mr. H. Marc Moyens

Eric and Doreen Spiegel

Mr. Charles Stark

Mr. Marc Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stusnick

Kerrien Suarez

Mr. Akio Tagawa

Ms. Leah Tavens

Ms. Trisha Taylor

Dr. Wesley D. Thomas

Peter Threadgill

Sara Trautman-Yegenoglu and Ferit Yegenoglu

Leif Ulstrup

Dr. Brenda E. Vaughan

Mr. Charles Virtu

Ms. Elizabeth Von Hassell

Ms. Martha Watanabe

Wolfgang and Carol Wawersik

Dr. and Mrs. Allan Weingold

Roger J. Whyte II

Ms. Sandra Willen

Kathe and Edwin D. Williamson

Mr. and Mrs. John Wilner

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wilson

Njambi and Earl Wynn


$250 – $499

Anonymous (2)

Ms. Joan Alker

Mr. Frederick Andreae

Annie E Casey Foundation

A. Ayers

Ms. Teresa Ball

Mr. David Ballard

Ms. Beverly Bascomb

Mr. Stephen Beaudoin

Ms. Sherrie Beckstead

Mr. Manuel Benedito

Ms. Kristen Best

Melissa Brodowski

Mr. Earl Campbell

Jim and Sharon Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Chapman

Edward and Ruth Cogen

Ms. Mary Alice Davidson

Mercedes Dearteaga and M. Van Eeghen

Ms. Yumiko DeCarli

Carleen H. Dei

Casey Dell'isola

Mr. Mark Determan

Dr. Martin Donougho

Ms. Jan Du Plain

Ms. Sayre E. Dykes

Dr. and Ms. Gilbert Eisner

Mr. Paul Gordon Emerson

Ms. Shira Flax

Benson and Pamela Forman

Ms. Alison Francis

Ms. Madeline Fried

Mr. Carl Gallegos

Mr. Matthew Gardner

Ms. Alison Gaske

Dr. Robert L. Goodner

Cassidy Grunninger

Ms. Barbara Hawthorn

Michelle Hoffmann


Ms. Ann M. Hoopes

Mr. William Irwin

Kyle and Stephanie Johnson

Ms. Tracy Johnston

Jean Jones

Ms. Gale E. Kabat

Jennifer Kane and Bonnie Leksrisawat

Mr. Richard Kaslow

Thomas Kerst

Ms. Deborah Koenig

Mr. Neal Krucoff

Dan and Lisa Kubiske

Ms. Janie Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Laufer

Mr. Andrew Lee

Mr. David B. Levine and Ms. Judith Katz

The Honorable and Mrs. Jan Lodal

Gary and Susan Lytle

Ms. Elizabeth MacIntosh

Howard T. and Linda R. Martin

Alice Mattice

Mrs. Hilda McIntosh

Ms. Kimberly McKenzie

Mr. Douglas McManus

Dr. Dianne McRae

Ms. Iris Miller

Ceylon Mitchell, II

Ms. Catherine Murdock

Mr. and Mrs. Paulo Neuhaus

Karl and Karin Olsson

Ms. Mary K. O'Melveny

Ms. Brenda A. Parker

Katy Pellegrino

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Peth

Anne and Geoff Pohanka

Mr. David Pozorski

Dr. Estelle E. Quain

Mr. Leonard Ralston

Ms. Lucia Riddle

Linda Rosenfeld and Fred Krosner

Dr. Ted Rothstein and The Honorable Barbara Rothstein

Mr. Karl Salnoske

Dr. Nancy L. Sanders

Ms. Karen Santoro

Ms. Elizabeth Schulman

Dr. Ira B. Schwartz

Joan & Ron Schwartz

Cameron Hamrick and Monica Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Segerman

Steven and Gretchen Seiler

Ms. Emily Shagley

Mr. Aaron Temkin and Ms. Gladys Sharnoff-Temkin

Mr. Richard Shultz

Ms. Zdanna K. Skalsky

Mr. Edward Skolnick

Ms. Mary T. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Soopper

Mr. Jonathon Sorge

Ms. Amanda Sweet

Mr. Ronald Lee Taylor

Mr. Theodore Thorpe, III

Manasi Tirodkar and Ajay Rao

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Trautman

Meiyu Tsung and Curtis Chang

Ms. Maria Weissman

Wesleyan Mixolydians

Ms. Maggalean W. Weston

Ms. Raleigh Wheeler

Ms. Susan L. Wiley

Carleton and Jacqueline Williams

Mr. Craig Williams and Ms. Kimberly Schenck

Mr. Noah Wofsy

Drs. Eric and Sandra Wolman

John Yang and Esther Lim

Dr. Saul Yanovich

Ms. Dorothy Zolandz

Mr. Warren C. Zwicky


$75 – $249

Anonymous (14)

Jeanne Abel

Ms. Diana L. Abney

Ms. Melissa Adams

Ms. Mary L. Albert

Ms. Elaine Allen

Ms. Kimberly Allen

Mr. Alan Ampolsk

Jennifer Angotti

Pamela Bel Anu

Mr. Vernon Apperson

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Applebaum

Zainab Arain

Susan Arbuck

Paul Ashe

Ms. Eve Bachrach

Ms. Toni-jeanne T. Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bambach

Mr. Robert Baptista

Ms. Amy Bartow-Melia

Mr. Donald M. Bauder

Mr. Neale Baxter

Ms. Megan Beck

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Berkowitz

Dr. Peter Bernard

Mr. Philip Bernstein

Ricklef and Vera Beutin

Paige Billin-Frye

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blackman

Barbara Blauhut, in memory of Annie McMasters

Ms. Claire Bloch

Mr. Frederick E. Blott

Ms. Subhashini Bollini

Patricia and Samuel Bonds

Dr. Anita Boss

Susan Bralove

Bruce and Deborah Broder

Mrs. Gwendolyn Brown

Ms. Martha Brown

Ms. Teresa Brown

Ms. Carolynn Brunette

Mr. Gary Buck

Mr. Scott Bullock

Randall Burd

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Cafritz

Mr. Joseph Calascione

Mr. Michael Calingaert

Matthew Campbell

Mr. Robert Campbell

Mr. Ethelbert Carter

Ms. Francesca G. Caruso

Vincent Castellano

New Life Cathedral Pastor Everett Jennings Jr.

Dr. James Christensen

Ms. Martha Clarke

Ms. Jennifer Cockburn

Mr. Warren Cohen

Dr. Kenneth Cook

Ms. Linda Cooper

Ms. Janet Cowperthwaite

Jeffrey H. Credit

Ms. Jill Cummings

Charles Daily

Ms. Betsy Davis

Ms. Adrienne Dern

Mr. Sebastian Deschler

Dr. George A. Doschek

Ms. Helen Droddy

Mr. Jason Eaglin

Ms. Esther Ebori

Mr. Alan Edelman

Ms. Debra Eliason

Ms. Leslie England

Mr. Roland Fabia

Ms. Susan S. Farr

Janet Farrell

Dr. and Mrs. Alan Fisher

Larry Franks

Mr. Lawrence Friedman

Barry and Suzan Friedman

Mr. Alfred Friendly

Friends of Jenny and Joel's Parrots

Benjamin and Christina Fuller

Dr. Odelia C. Funke

Harold and Ruth Gainer

Jared Garelick and Ellen Kramarow

Ms. Nancy J. Garruba

Mr. Robert Gasperow

Mr. Joseph L. Gastwirth

Mr. Donald and Mrs. Irene Dunn Gavin

Ms. Ludmila Gawrisch

Mr. Michael Gelber

Dr. Larry George and Ms. Brenda Pommerenke

Ms. Julie Geschwind

Daniel Ginsberg

Dr. Karen Glasgow

Mr. Evgeny Glazyrin

Ms. Barbara Glick

Ms. Linda Glusing

Ms. Jane Godfrey

Jesse Goodman and Nicole Lurie

Mr. Pete Goodman

Janice Gorin

Paul Gourdin & Joanne Weiss

Lee Granados

Mr. John Graubert

Horst and Maria Greczmiel

Hannah Grove-Dejarnett

Mr. Stephen Haas

Dr. Michael Halbig

Ms. Stephanie Hannon

Dr. Polly F. Harrison

Ms. Lorraine Hartline

Virginia Hatcher

Ms. Melissa Hauke

George and Cheryl Haywood

Laura Heard

Ms. Tatjana Hendry

Mr. A. L. Henrichsen

Mr. William Hickman

Maria C. Higgins

Miss Deidre Veronica Hill

Mr. Brent Hillman

Mr. Frederick Hird

Marian Holmes

Mr. Thomas Holzman and Ms. Alison Drucker

Ms. Natalia D. Horodecka

Murray Horwitz and Lisa Miller

Bonnie Howard

Mr. Lawrence Hughes

Ms. Carolyn Johnson

Enid Johnson

Ms. Madelyn Elise Johnson

Mr. Marc Johnson

Ms. Margaret C. Jones

Dr. Vinetta C. Jones

Mrs. George Jay Joseph

Mr. Fredric Walls

Elliott and Patricia Kagan

Hans and Helen Kaper

Ms. Linda Kaplan

Ana Karimi

Mr. Roy Katayama

Mr. Robert Kessel

Mr. Mark Kindig

Ms. Angela C.Y. King

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Klemp

Ms. Ahnika Kline

Dr. Prudence Kline

Joseph Kluger

Lenka Kneschke

Alisa S. Kramer

Ms. Peggy Kuhn

Mr. Panos Labropoulos

Ms. Tiffany Lancaster

Jamei Lee

Miss Joanne Lee

Mr. Theodore Leinwand

Ms. Sonya Levine

Mr. Richard Alfred Levy

Mr. Allan Lewis

Reginald and Charlotte Lewis

Ms. Virginia D. Lezhnev

Mr. Elliott Linder

Lum Hoy Scott Family

Jennifer Lyman & Greg Schmidt

Ms. Sarah Lysaker

Mr. John Maher

Kathryn and Paul Makos

Ms. Sarah Mallonga

Ms. Rosalie Mandelbaum

Mr. Craig Marina

Ms. Lydia Micheaux Marshall

Mr. Stephen Matthie

Mr. William Mayville

Dr. and Mrs. Steven F. Mazer

Mr. Partha Mazumdar

Mr. Patrick D. McCoy

Ms. Elizabeth A. McDaniel

Mr. Robert McGowan

Mr. Wayne McLurkin

Mr. and Mrs. John McNamee

Jon Megahy

Ms. Nancy Meiners

Mrs. Jennifer Miles

Mr. William Millar

Mr. David E. Miller

Ms. Ellen Kay Miller

Ms. Susan Milligan

Richard and Nancy Millstein

Ceylon Mitchell, Sr.

Ms. Danielle Monaco

Ms. Alina Montano

Ms. Wendy Moomaw

Mr. Daniel Moone

Mr. Brian Moran

Haley Morrisson

Dr. William Mullins and Dr. Patricia Petrick

Roger Neill and Sylvia Kihara

Lt. Gen. and Mrs. Michael A. Nelson

Glenn Nordin

Ms. Susan Norwood

Ms. Alyssa O'Connor

Gary O'Connor

Ms. Anne O'Donnell

Hamilton Odunne

Ms. Nancy E. Ody

Ana Ortiz

Ms. Elaine L. Ott

Jacqueline Parke

Mr. Charles Phelps

June Picciano and Paul O'Shea

Mrs. Caroline Pickens

Ms. Theresa A. Pitt

Ms. Elaine Pollack

Ms. Samantha Pollack

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Portner, Jr.

Ms. Sarah Posner

Gretta Powers and William Chadbourne

Mr. Mark Pretzat

Ms. Lidia Rajeff

Susan Ratigan

Deborah Ratner

Ms. Devera Y. Redmond

Lothlorien Redmond

Julie and Eric Reiser

Philip and Noelle Richmond

Mr. Jeffrey Richter

Mr. Michael Root

Mr. Lincoln Ross and Changamire

Elena Rudenko

Mr. and Mrs. Irving Sablosky

Catharine B. Saelinger

Ms. Junko Saito

Ms. Deborah Saks

Mr. Joe Sandman

Ms. Erika Sato

Mr. John Schaler

Ms. Kimberly Schelling

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Schenof

Mr. Daniel B. Schneider

Mr. Peter Schulz

Ms. Bari Schwartz

The Scimeca-Wright Family

Ms. Kathryn J. Seddon

Mr. Joseph Sedransk

Mr. Stephen F. Sewell

Ms. Linn Shapiro

Ms. Wendy Shapiro

Elena Kaczorowski and Ira Shavel, in honor of Dorothy Shavel

Ms. Kathleen Sheekey

Mr. and Mrs. Shepard A. Sheinkman

Samuel and Sally Shelburne

Dr. Deborah J. Sherrill

Andrew Shrake

Mr. Howard Siegel

Mr. Clark Silcox

Ms. Brenda Siler

Emil and Devra Simiu

Ms. Marcia Simpkins

Ms. Toby Singer and Mr. Thomas C. Papson

Arthur Smith

Ms. Deborah Smith

Rufus Smith

Richard and Athena Spear

The Spearman Family

Mrs. Jannavi Srinivasan

Ms. Carla Steinborn

Ms. Kimberly Stokes

Dr. Barbara Stolz

Jane Strittmatter

Mr. Douglas Struck

Dr. Jason Strudler

Ms. Maureen Sullivan

Ms. Maria Tanzi

Ms. Jessica H. Tava

Ms. Wynsor Taylor

Ms. Janet Tenney

Mr. Wayne Terwilliger

Nena and Scott Thayer

Ms. Angela Thomas

Ms. Ebony Thomas

Ms. Ruth Thomas

Mr. Wayne Titerence and Ms. Vicki Mechner

Dr. and Mrs. Tommy M. Tomlinson and Penni Hilaire

Jay Haddock Ortiz and Hector Torres

Ms. Cori Uccello

Ms. Karen Van Allen

Ms. Lisa Van Divender

Ms. Elizabeth Van Houten

John and Diana Veilleux

Mr. Jack S. Ventura

Ms. Helga Verbruggen

Dr. Michael Vjecha

Mr. Curtis Von Kann

Mr. Gerald W. Von Mayer

Alice Weinstein

Ms. Leslie Weisman

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wheeler

Mrs. June Whelan

Howard Wilchins

Mr. William Wilkinson

Ms. Nancye Williamson

Ms. Janet L. Wilson

In memory of Michele Renee Wilson

Peter and Sylvia Winik

Ms. Alison Wirtz

Elizabeth Witt

Betsy L. Wolf

Ms. Vicky Wood

Bette and Michael Wooden

Cecelia M. Wyatt, in memory of Malcolm Wyatt

Gary and Silvia Yacoubian

Mr. Kevin Yen

Mrs. Elizabeth York

Mr. Mohammed Zaatari

Mr. Zenon Zabinski

Mrs. Ursula Zacepilo

Mr. James Zwiebel


Under $75

Anonymous (3)

Mrs. Linda Aarons

Ms. Helen Aberger and Mr. Ben Dransfield

Barbara Adamcik

Nina Armah

Ms. Aida Armaly

Ms. Marquita Arnold

Ms. Natasha Atkins

Mrs. Marla Banks

Mr. Seth Berlin

Mr. Kevin Bond

Ms. Courtney Grunninger Bonney

Ms. Laurie Borman

Eliza Brink

Mr. Stephen Brown

Mr. Donald Burleson

Ms. Laurenda Carter

Donna Cawley

Ms. Ophelia Chesley

Ms. Laurel Chiat

Mr. Eugene Cho

Ms. Jiyeon Choi

Pawel Chudzicki

Dr. Warren Coats, Jr.

Ms. Valerie Connaughton

Ms. Carol Cooke

Ms. Claudia Copeland

Mr. Edward Crowe

Mr. David Cutler

David Dalton and Shelby Brown

Ms. Gail Davenport

Mark L. Davis

Mr. Mark Delong

Ms. Angela Dyson

Ms. Katie Egan

Jeanne Faubell

Mrs. Yana Feith

Mr. James Finch

Tracy Fisher

Ms. Anna Forgie

Mr. Chris Fowler

Ms. Sam R. Freck

Matthew Friedman

Ms. Anne Frohnmayer

Ms. Susan Gallucci

Mr. Curtis Gannon

Mr. Jose Garcia

Ms. Renee Gardner

Dr. Ilene Gast

Ms. Tatyana E. Gershon

Mr. Tee Goh

Mr. David M. Gray

Mr. Richard Grimes

Natalie Groom

Ms. Jovita Gross

Mr. Milton J. Grossman

Olivia Hampton

Ms. Doris Hausser

Michael and Ricki Helfer

Julie and Donald Herr

Jon-Tamara Hill

Karin Hong

Miss Oxana Horodecka

Liang Huang

Reema Jalali

Christopher James

Ms. Emily Jen

Ms. Nancy E. Johnson

Ms. Yumiko Kaizuka

Ms. Kyuree Kang

Mr. James Kariya

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Keller

Young Gyo Kim

Montique King

Mr. John A. Klayman

Mr. Jerome Kleiman

Mr. Dan Krieger

Ms. Elisabeth Lardner and Mr. Jim Klein

Ms. Elizabeth Lavigne

Mr. Mark Law

Kristine Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Leggett

Tsai-Lien Lin

Sarah and Dave Lutes

Michelle Ma

Richard Martin

Ms. Joan Masterman

Mr. John McCarthy

Ms. Ann McClellan

Charles and Margie McCormick

Ms. Anna Therese McGowan

Ms. Elizabeth Ann Meyer

Mr. Larry L. Mitchell

Mr. James A. Morris

Dr. Tuwanna Morris

Mr. Jerry Muller

Ms. Asta Ottey

Mr. Benjamin L. Palumbo

Mr. Nishith Pandya

Nathan Perriello

Milton and Janice Pippens

Mr. Leslie Polt

Ms. Amanda Reed

Ms. Rochelle Rice

Ms. Margo Robbins

Mr. Michael Robbins

Mr. David J. Robinson

Ms. Alexandra Rosenberg

Mr. Kenneth Rosenberg

Dr. Joachim Roski

Robert Rothenberg

Dr. Anne Rothfeld

Ms. Patricia Ryan

George and Eva Salamon

Ms. Sara Schnur

Kate Schroeder

Ms. Eleanor Schwartz

Dr. Robert Scuka

Mr. Michael K. Shanley

Mr. Alexander Shaw, III

Mr. Steven Silverman

Masha Sirota

Ira Sockowitz

Ms. Marybeth Sorady

Ms. Cynthia Speas

David and Sally Sternbach

Judith Strotz

Ying-Shan Su

Ms. Rena Subotnik

Stephanie Svarz

Dr. Janet Svirsky

Ms. Kristen Taylor

Ms. Alice Tetelman

Corey Timbers

Mr. David Travis

Mrs. Nana Vaughn

Mr. Zach Webber

Mr. Daniel M. Weiss

Brian Wessel

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Wheeler

Ms. Clare Whitaker

Mr. Christopher Wilde

Chris Williams

Sandra Williams

Mr. Kenneth Wu

Diane Yates

Yongwei Zhang

Mr. Richard Zierdt

Ms. Jacqueline E. Zins



List complete and final as of August 31, 2020.

This list does not reflect total-year giving for the the supporters listed above, only their giving to the Champion Fund between March and August 2020.


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