Our Story

Men and Women of the Gospel Choir
Tregaron Unplugged

About Us

The city is truly our stage: for decades, in venues ranging from concert halls and clubs to public parks, we have presented a tremendous range of artists and art forms, from the most distinguished symphony orchestras to both renowned and emerging artists in classical music, gospel music, jazz, international genres, and more.

Elevating Local Arts

Washington Performing Arts deeply values its partnerships with local organizations and other arts institutions. Through events online and in myriad performance venues and neighborhoods, we engage international visiting artists in community programs and introduce local artists to wider audiences. We place a premium on establishing artists as a continuing presence in the lives of both young people and adults through residencies and education programs.

Guiding Principles

Cultivate Artists and Arts Patrons

Be the organization that artists want to partner with and that arts patrons trust for lifelong enjoyment and learning.

Pursue Inclusion

Seek, represent, and welcome a multiplicity of voices in everything we do.

Build a
Lasting Legacy

Balance risk-taking with fiscal rigor, sustaining a healthy organization that will last for generations.

Collaborate with Communities

Build strong partnerships with local, national, and international organizations to make the performing arts accessible to communities in the nation’s capital.

Our Vision

Our community is unified and enriched through vibrant performing arts experiences.

Taiwan Philharmonic - Paul Huang Reception

Creating Connections

When you partner with Washington Performing Arts, you create meaningful opportunities to enhance the D.C. region’s vibrant arts scene. We work regularly with local businesses, corporations, non-profits, and embassies, and welcome the opportunity to hear about your organization and how we can work in harmony together.

For more information, contact Info@WashingtonPerformingArts.org.


Our achievements have been recognized with a National Medal of Arts and with three Mayor’s Arts Awards from the D.C. Government. We have now embarked upon our second half-century, ever inspired by the motto of our founder, Patrick Hayes: “Everybody in, nobody out.”

“Everybody in, nobody out.”

— Patrick Hayes, Founder of Washington Performing Arts